Why Us

Type A+ offers specialized touch typing classes instructed by teachers with extensive keyboarding experience.

The skill of touch typing is needed more than ever in today’s learning environment.  Unfortunately, most schools today are not able to teach touch typing to the level of speed and accuracy that students can retain. If computer keyboarding skills do not become “second nature,” students develop bad habits like “hunt-and-peck” methods which are hard to break. We teach proper hand placement to help prevent carpel tunnel syndrome.

Software alone is not always enough. With live in class instruction our teachers will provide your student with one-on-one attention. Most students need a teacher who understands how the mind and fingers learn this skill. Repetitive stress injuries can develop if proper hand placement and finger techniques are not learned.

Computer keyboarding is even more important now that most schools will not be teaching cursive. Young children must transition from printing to touch typing without being properly taught this skill.

Touch typing is a life-skill that improves efficiency for homework and future employment. Proper keyboarding happens without the sense of sight and when your child no longer needs to find the keys they can focus on the content and write faster.

We motivate our students with success, games, and rewards. Our teachers can assess problem areas and re-teach efficient touch-typing skills.

Students will benefit from:

  • A small classroom experience
  • New, state–of–the–art equipment
  • One–on–one attention
  • Proprietary software
  • 3 levels of certificates awarded for speed and accuracy from the Typing Institute of America


Standards for Elementary – Grades 2nd through 8th
Typing Score 2nd – 4th Grades 5th – 6th Grades 7th – 8th Grades
Master 25 wpm @ 90% accuracy 30 wpm @ 92% accuracy 35 wpm @ 95% accuracy
Expert 20 wpm @ 85% accuracy 25 wpm @ 90% accuracy 30 wpm @ 92% accuracy
Proficient 15 wpm @ 80% accuracy 20 wpm @ 85% accuracy 25 wpm @ 90% accuracy

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